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ActionSettingMethodHandler - Class in org.grails.testing.runtime.support
ActionSettingMethodHandler(Object, GrailsWebRequest) - Constructor in ActionSettingMethodHandler
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in GroovyPageUnitTestResourceLoader
applicationClass() - Method in Integration
Specify the Application class which should be used for this functional test.
applyTemplate(StringWriter, String, Map) - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest
Renders a template for the given contents and model to the provided writer
applyTemplate(StringWriter, String, Map) - Method in TagLibUnitTest
assertAction(String, String) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
Asserts an action exists for the specified controller name, action name and url
assertController(String) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
asserts a controller exists for the specified name and url
assertForwardUrlMapping(Map<String, Object>, Object, Closure) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
assertReverseUrlMapping(Map<String, String>, String, Closure) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
Asserts the given controller and action produce the given reverse URL mapping
assertUrlMapping(Map<String, String>, String, Closure) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
Asserts a URL mapping maps to the specified controller, action, and optionally also parameters.
assertView(String, String) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
Asserts a view exists for the specified controller name and view name
autowire() - Method in AutowiredTest
AutowiredInterceptor - Class in org.grails.testing.spock
AutowiredTest - Trait in grails.testing.spring


BEAN_NAME - Field in DataTestSetupSpecInterceptor
build() - Method in GrailsApplicationBuilder


classes - Field in GrailsTestConfiguration
@default {}
See Also:
cleanup(GrailsWebUnitTest) - Method in WebCleanupInterceptor
CleanupContextInterceptor - Class in org.grails.testing.spock
cleanupDataTest(DataTest) - Method in DataTestCleanupInterceptor
cleanupGrailsApplication() - Method in GrailsUnitTest
configureDataTest(DataTest) - Method in DataTestSetupSpecInterceptor
configuredMockedControllers() - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
CONTEXT_CONFIG_ANNOTATION - Field in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
ControllerUnitTest - Trait in grails.testing.web.controllers
createMainContext(Object) - Method in GrailsApplicationBuilder
createServletContext() - Method in GrailsApplicationBuilder
customizeGrailsApplication(GrailsApplication) - Method in GrailsApplicationBuilder.TestRuntimeGrailsApplicationPostProcessor
customizePluginManager(GrailsPluginManager) - Method in GrailsApplicationBuilder.TestRuntimeGrailsApplicationPostProcessor


DataTest - Trait in grails.testing.gorm
DATATEST_CLASS - Field in ServiceUnitTest
DataTestCleanupInterceptor - Class in org.grails.testing.gorm.spock
DataTestCleanupSpecInterceptor - Class in org.grails.testing.gorm.spock
DataTestSetupInterceptor - Class in org.grails.testing.gorm.spock
DataTestSetupSpecInterceptor - Class in org.grails.testing.gorm.spock
defineBeans(GrailsApplication, Closure) - Method in GrailsApplicationBuilder
defineBeans(Object) - Method in GrailsUnitTest
disableControllerProxy() - Method in ControllerUnitTest
DomainUnitTest - Trait in grails.testing.gorm
doWithConfig() - Method in GrailsUnitTest
doWithSpring() - Method in GrailsUnitTest


enableAutowireByName(ClassNode) - Method in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
enhanceGebSpecWithPort(ClassNode) - Method in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
executeDoWithSpringCallback(GrailsApplication) - Method in GrailsApplicationBuilder



getApplicationContext() - Method in GrailsUnitTest
@return grailsApplication.mainContext
getArtefactInstance() - Method in ParameterizedGrailsUnitTest
getBeanName(Class<?>) - Method in ControllerUnitTest
getBeanName(Class<?>) - Method in InterceptorUnitTest
getBeanName(Class<?>) - Method in ParameterizedGrailsUnitTest
getBeanName(Class<?>) - Method in ServiceUnitTest
getBeanName(Class<?>) - Method in TagLibUnitTest
getBeanName(Class<?>) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
getConfig() - Method in GrailsUnitTest
@return grailsApplication.config
getController() - Method in ControllerUnitTest
getControllerClass(String) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
getControllersToMock() - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
getDatastore() - Method in DataTest
getDefaultContextLoaderClassName(Class<?>) - Method in GrailsJunit4ClassRunner
getDomain() - Method in DomainUnitTest
@return An instance of the domain class
getDomainClassesToMock() - Method in DataTest
getDomainClassesToMock() - Method in DomainUnitTest
getFailOnError() - Method in DataTest
getFlash() - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest
The Grails 'flash' object @return
getGrailsApplication() - Method in GrailsUnitTest
@return The GrailsApplication instance
getIncludePlugins() - Method in GrailsUnitTest
getInterceptor() - Method in InterceptorUnitTest
getLocalOverride() - Method in GrailsUnitTest
getMessageSource() - Method in GrailsUnitTest
@return the MessageSource bean from the application context
getModel() - Method in ControllerUnitTest
@return The model of the current controller
getOptionalServletContext() - Method in GrailsUnitTest
@return the servlet context
getParams() - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest
The Grails 'params' object which is an instance of grails.web.servlet.mvc.GrailsParameterMap
getRequest() - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest
getResource(String) - Method in GroovyPageUnitTestResourceLoader
getResponse() - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest
getService() - Method in ServiceUnitTest
getServletContext() - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest
getSession() - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest
The org.springframework.mock.web.MockHttpSession instance
getSomeNumber() - Method in MathHelper
getStatus() - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest
@return The status code of the response
getTagLib() - Method in TagLibUnitTest
getTransactionManager() - Method in DataTest
getTypeUnderTest() - Method in ParameterizedGrailsUnitTest
getUrlMappingsHolder() - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
@return The UrlMappingsHolder bean
getView() - Method in ControllerUnitTest
@return The view of the current controller
getViews() - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest
GormTestingSupportExtension - Class in org.grails.testing.gorm.spock
GRAILS_APPLICATION_CONTEXT_LOADER - Field in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
GrailsApplicationBuilder - Class in org.grails.testing
Created by jameskleeh on 5/31/17.
GrailsApplicationBuilder.TestRuntimeGrailsApplicationPostProcessor - Class in org.grails.testing
GrailsApplicationBuilder.TestRuntimeGrailsApplicationPostProcessor(Closure, Set) - Constructor in GrailsApplicationBuilder.TestRuntimeGrailsApplicationPostProcessor
GrailsJunit4ClassRunner - Class in org.grails.testing.context.junit4
@author Graeme Rocher
GrailsTestConfiguration - Annotation Type in org.grails.testing.context.junit4
@author Graeme Rocher
GrailsUnitTest - Trait in org.grails.testing
GrailsWebUnitTest - Trait in grails.testing.web
GROOVY_PAGES_TEMPLATE_ENGINE - Field in WebCleanupInterceptor
GROOVY_PAGES_TEMPLATE_RENDERER - Field in WebCleanupInterceptor
GroovyPageUnitTestResourceLoader - Class in org.grails.testing.runtime.support
A org.springframework.core.io.ResourceLoader implementation that loads GSP views relative to the project base directory for unit tests.
GroovyPageUnitTestResourceLoader(Map<String, String>) - Constructor in GroovyPageUnitTestResourceLoader



inheritInitializers - Field in GrailsTestConfiguration
@default true
See Also:
inheritLocations - Field in GrailsTestConfiguration
@default true
See Also:
initializers - Field in GrailsTestConfiguration
@default {}
See Also:
Integration - Annotation Type in grails.testing.mixin.integration
Transformation to apply to integration tests
INTEGRATION_TEST_CLASS_NODE - Field in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
IntegrationTestMixinTransformation - Class in org.grails.compiler.injection.testing
@author Graeme Rocher
intercept(IMethodInvocation) - Method in AutowiredInterceptor
intercept(IMethodInvocation) - Method in CleanupContextInterceptor
intercept(IMethodInvocation) - Method in DataTestCleanupInterceptor
intercept(IMethodInvocation) - Method in DataTestCleanupSpecInterceptor
intercept(IMethodInvocation) - Method in DataTestSetupInterceptor
intercept(IMethodInvocation) - Method in DataTestSetupSpecInterceptor
intercept(IMethodInvocation) - Method in InterceptorSetupSpecInterceptor
intercept(IMethodInvocation) - Method in UrlMappingSetupSpecInterceptor
intercept(IMethodInvocation) - Method in WebCleanupInterceptor
intercept(IMethodInvocation) - Method in WebCleanupSpecInterceptor
intercept(IMethodInvocation) - Method in WebSetupInterceptor
intercept(IMethodInvocation) - Method in WebSetupSpecInterceptor
InterceptorSetupSpecInterceptor - Class in org.grails.testing.spock
InterceptorUnitTest - Trait in grails.testing.web.interceptor
interceptSetupMethod(IMethodInvocation) - Method in RunOnceInterceptor
invoke(Object, Method, Method, Object) - Method in ActionSettingMethodHandler
IS_OLD_SETUP - Field in DataTestSetupSpecInterceptor
isServletApiPresent - Field in GrailsApplicationBuilder



KEY_EXCEPTION - Field in UrlMappingsUnitTest


LazyTagLibraryLookup - Class in org.grails.testing.runtime.support
Lazy implementation of the tag library lookup class designed for testing purposes.
loadExternalBeans() - Method in GrailsUnitTest
locations - Field in GrailsTestConfiguration
@default {}
See Also:
lookupTagLibrary(String, String) - Method in LazyTagLibraryLookup


mapURI(String) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
Maps a URI and returns the appropriate controller instance
MathHelper - Interface in demo
mockArtefact(Class<?>) - Method in ControllerUnitTest
Mocks a Grails controller class, providing the needed behavior and defining it in the ApplicationContext
mockArtefact(Class<?>) - Method in InterceptorUnitTest
mockArtefact(Class<?>) - Method in ParameterizedGrailsUnitTest
mockArtefact(Class<?>) - Method in ServiceUnitTest
Mocks a service class, registering it with the application context
mockArtefact(Class<?>) - Method in TagLibUnitTest
Mocks a tag library, making it available to subsequent calls to controllers mocked via mockArtefact(Class) and GSPs rendered via applyTemplate(String, Map)
mockArtefact(Class<?>) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
MockCascadingDomainClassValidator - Class in org.grails.testing.gorm
MockCascadingDomainClassValidator(PersistentEntity, MessageSource, ConstraintsEvaluator) - Constructor in MockCascadingDomainClassValidator
mockCodec(Class<?>, boolean) - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest
mockController(Class<?>) - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest
mockDataService(Class<?>) - Method in DataTest
Called by the ServiceUnitTest class (via reflection) to create a data service
mockDomain(Class<?>, List) - Method in DataTest
Mocks a domain class providing the equivalent GORM behavior but against an in-memory concurrent hash map instead of a database
mockDomains(Class<?>) - Method in DataTest
Mocks domain classes providing the equivalent GORM behavior but against an in-memory concurrent hash map instead of a database
mockInterceptor(Class<?>) - Method in InterceptorUnitTest
Mock the interceptor for the given name
mockTagLib(Class<?>) - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest
mockTagLibs(Class<?>) - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest


name - Field in GrailsTestConfiguration
@default ""
See Also:


OnceBefore - Annotation Type in grails.testing.spock
This annotation may be applied to fixture methods in a Spock Spec that should be run once and only once before any test methods are run.


ParameterizedGrailsUnitTest - Trait in org.grails.testing
postProcessBeanDefinitionRegistry(BeanDefinitionRegistry) - Method in GrailsApplicationBuilder.TestRuntimeGrailsApplicationPostProcessor
prepareContext(ConfigurableApplicationContext, ConfigurableBeanFactory) - Method in GrailsApplicationBuilder
putTagLib(Map<String, Object>, String, GrailsTagLibClass) - Method in LazyTagLibraryLookup



registerBeans(GrailsApplication) - Method in GrailsApplicationBuilder
registerGrailsAppPostProcessorBean(ConfigurableBeanFactory) - Method in GrailsApplicationBuilder
registerLazyLoadableTagLibClass(Class) - Method in LazyTagLibraryLookup
registerTagLibraries() - Method in LazyTagLibraryLookup
render(Map) - Method in GrailsWebUnitTest
Mimics the behavior of the render method in controllers but returns the rendered contents directly
RUN_WITH_ANNOTATION_NODE - Field in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
RunOnce - Annotation Type in grails.testing.spock
This annotation may be applied to fixture methods in a Spock Spec that should be run once and only.
RunOnceExtension - Class in org.grails.testing.spock
RunOnceInterceptor - Class in org.grails.testing.spock


ServiceUnitTest - Trait in grails.testing.services
setGrailsApplication(GrailsApplication) - Method in GroovyPageUnitTestResourceLoader
setup(InterceptorUnitTest) - Method in InterceptorSetupSpecInterceptor
setup(GrailsWebUnitTest) - Method in WebSetupInterceptor
setup(GrailsWebUnitTest) - Method in WebSetupSpecInterceptor
setupDataTestBeans(DataTest) - Method in DataTestSetupSpecInterceptor
SPEC_CLASS - Field in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
SPRING_APPLICATION_CONFIGURATION_CLASS_NODE - Field in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
SPRING_JUNIT4_CLASS_RUNNER - Field in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation


TagLibUnitTest - Trait in grails.testing.web.taglib
tagNameKey(String, String) - Method in LazyTagLibraryLookup
TestingSupportExtension - Class in org.grails.testing.spock


UrlMappingSetupSpecInterceptor - Class in org.grails.testing.spock
UrlMappingsUnitTest - Trait in grails.testing.web


verifyAction(String, String) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
@param controller The controller name
verifyController(String) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
@param controller The controller name
verifyForwardUrlMapping(Map<String, Object>, Object, Closure) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
verifyReverseUrlMapping(Map<String, String>, String, Closure) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
Asserts the given controller and action produce the given reverse URL mapping
verifyUrlMapping(Map<String, String>, String, Closure) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
Verifies a URL mapping maps to the specified controller, action, and optionally also parameters.
verifyView(String, String) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTest
@param controller The controller name
visit(ASTNode, SourceUnit) - Method in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
visitFixtureAnnotation(RunOnce, MethodInfo) - Method in RunOnceExtension
visitSpec(SpecInfo) - Method in GormTestingSupportExtension
visitSpec(SpecInfo) - Method in TestingSupportExtension
visitSpec(SpecInfo) - Method in WebTestingSupportExtension


weaveIntegrationTestMixin(ClassNode, ClassNode) - Method in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
WEB_APP_CONFIGURATION - Field in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
WEB_INF_PREFIX - Field in GroovyPageUnitTestResourceLoader
WebCleanupInterceptor - Class in org.grails.testing.spock
WebCleanupSpecInterceptor - Class in org.grails.testing.spock
WebSetupInterceptor - Class in org.grails.testing.spock
WebSetupSpecInterceptor - Class in org.grails.testing.spock
WebTestingSupportExtension - Class in org.grails.testing.spock
withInterceptors(Map<String, Object>, Closure) - Method in InterceptorUnitTest
Execute the given request with the registered interceptors
withRequest(Map<String, Object>) - Method in InterceptorUnitTest
Allows testing of the interceptor directly by setting up an incoming request that can be matched prior to invoking the interceptor





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